Sunday, January 12, 2014

UFOs List

I am sitting in my Quilt Room trying to determine the best approach to my 2014 intention of Improve My Quilting Skills.  

I have quite a few UFOs.  I am sure that the list is long.  Do I dare to list them all out?

I guess that is the best way...oh I am really not going to love this but it must be done! Right? goes...

  1. Bind the "In Your Words" quilt.
  2. Bind the Crafsty BOM quilt.
  3. Snowball Quilt needs borders, quilting and binding.
  4. Christmas aprons need quilting and finishing.  I would like to try to quilt these using the embroidery module on my least for one of them.
  5. Mistletoe Mug Rug needs quilting and binding.
  6. Two Studio Stitch BOM (2012 - 2013)...blocks are complete but they need to be set...then quilting and binding.
  7. Blooming Nine Patch...blocks are complete...they need to be sewn together...then quilting and binding.
  8. Cherry on Top...many, many blocks to complete.  Chevron Quilt...maybe?
  9. Quilt As You Go Log Cabin...many, many blocks to complete.
  10. Grandmother's Choice...many, many blocks to complete.
  11. Two Studio Stitch BOM (2013 - 2014)...need to complete blocks (mid year), then set the blocks...quilting and binding.
  12. Glamping Quilt...need to start.  Thinking about the Disappearing Four Patch for this quilt.  Link takes you to the Missouri Star Quilt Co Tutorials.
  13. Yellow Daisy Dresdens Table Topper...have the kit and fabric...need to start.
  14. A Paper Piecing Christmas Tree Kit...that I have had forever but haven't started because I am scared there are so many other things to finish.  (Ha!)
  15. Turquoise and Red Quilt, Snowman Quilt, and Christmas Village Tree Skirt...all still in my head.  :) that wasn't so bad, right?  So the intention is to improve my skills...there looks like there are plenty of opportunities here from binding to designing to do just that.  

Next step...get started!  Today...I think I will start with sewing some of the blocks for the Chevron Quilt.  The quilt is mostly cut so I can just dive into the sewing....which is really my favorite part...well aside from buying fabric.  :)

This plan is to get caught up on the Studio Stitch BOM...the holidays threw me behind...and if time permits...I will work on the next block in the Grandmother's Choice.  IF (notice that's a big if) time permits each week...I will complete one block per week until they are all complete...while trying my hand at the balance of the list.  I can do this!  

Until then...
~~Quilt Much!  

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Embrace 2014

Do you feel as surprised as I do that we are now living in 2014!  It seems like just like yesterday we were partying like it is 1999.  Time seems to go more quickly the larger my life number becomes....however, I am not getting old!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently attended an art journaling class. In the class, we chose our word for word is PEACE.  2013 was many things.  There were good times and some not so good times....and some times that were just hard. Journaling has helped me put down on the pages some of my feelings that I might not otherwise would have gotten out.  For this I am thankful. It is definitely a start.

While journaling and thinking about my word...PEACE...I ended up writing down several intentions for 2014.  Part of the class dealt with evaluating, in a pie like format, the various aspects of, style, creativity, dreams, do-gooding, nesting, self-care and mindfulness.  The idea is that some of the areas may be less than others and that those are the areas where you should concentrate your efforts for improvement.  

I explored my feelings and decided to set my intentions for 2014 using a few of those areas in which I would like peace, not necessarily where I wanted to improve. 

The first one was self-care. As I wrote about what I wanted for myself this year I kept coming back to the word peace.  There is a big part my life right now that isn't peaceful.  These "parts" are out of my control despite how much they seem to control my life. I think that attaining peace will require me to take the control back. Taking control will require me to be more focused and centered. My plan is to do more yoga, more quilting, more trips to the mountains and more of the other things that reduce my stress and will hopefully bring some peace to my life.

My next goal deals with nesting...or home life. I am going to focus on my Hubby this year and have asked that he focus on me. We are both very busy and sometimes it seems that we see very little of each other. We have agreed to meet (seems formal, doesn't it...but it really isn't) the first Sunday morning of the month for some planning...putting things on the calendar that we can do together that month. For the month of January, we are having a breakfast out, a dinner out and going to a movie over the course of the month.  Considering our work lives...this is an accomplishment!  I am really looking forward to this time with my Hubby.

Next up is work life.  My intention here is simple. Growth. I want to be better at what I do. But this isn't a work blog, it is a quilting blog so moving on.

So what is my creative intention for 2014.  Improve.  Improve my skills by completing my UFOs.  Ideally this means that I wouldn't start any new projects but alas I don't think that's you?  :) I am going to try (I did say try) to focus my efforts toward those projects that I have already found worthy of my time.  Working on those projects will improve my skills as a quilter and hopefully then I can attempt more challenges in the future.

Quilting, crocheting and knitting also contribute to my sense of peace.  They take the focus from the not so peaceful things and puts it on the task at hand.  Even when I am exhausted from sewing, my stress level is way down.  

So to sum it up...PEACE, FOCUS, GROWTH, IMPROVE...Embrace 2014!

The pics in the post are from our trip to the mountains this weekend.  I took a bunch more but I will wait to share them at a later time.  We stayed at a great little place that you should consider if you are heading to Ashe County, NC.  New River Inn and Cottages.

In the Quilt Room over the next week, I hope I can catalog some of my UFOs and come up with a plan to finish them. Some are really close to being complete while for others I have the fabric and a plan...just need to get started.

Until then...
~~Quilt Much!