Sunday, July 21, 2013

Re-Do Done!!!

Here it is...the second block of the Grandmother's Choice Block of the Week!

Last first attempt at this block was, in a word, awful! Everything seemed to go wrong.  

Yesterday, I made this block and it was 10 inches not 8.5 inches.  

Today, I made this block again and finally got it right!  Re-Do Done! Whoohoo!

On my first attempt, my printer didn't print the templates clearly which left me guessing about the size of the pieces...never a good thing.  Nothing lined up really was awful!  Epic failure I believe I called it!

Last week, I reprinted the template...carefully followed the instructions and made the seam line 3-3/8 inches. I cut the pieces again and every thing seemed to be going well...until...I completed the block and measured it. Ten inches...not eight and a half.  UGH!  

Having the correct size template makes the world of difference I am here to tell you!!!

I went back to the Grandmother's Choice blog and read some of the comments where I discovered that the control measurement should have been made on the cutting line instead of the seam line.  Once I had that worked out, the block went together with ease...even the Y seams.  Had lots of practice with those...I did sew the block three times.  :)

Lesson:  Read the comments first! Maybe that will save me some stress!

Also, in the Quilt Room this week I worked quite a bit on one of my projects for the HO HO HO Blog Hop coming soon!

Sew we quilt

I have two mini quilts ready to bind and another quilt in the works.  I am pretty excited about them and can't wait to show you.  So stay close for updates.  You won't want to miss a single moment!

This week is a busy one.  The Studio Stitch BOM starts up again on Tuesday. I can hardly wait to see what they have in store for us.  Wednesday...hopefully yoga!  Thursday...definitely sewing while Hubby is out with the guys. I will be working on my Christmas quilt.  

Hope you have a fabulous week!

Until then...

~~Quilt Much!

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