Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rainy Mountain Visit

Yesterday, Hubby and I visited West Jefferson for the Christmas in July Festival.  There were lots of artists there with everything - wood, fabric, metal, glass and pottery as their media.  I should have taken more photos of the event itself but I was too busy enjoying myself {grin}.  There was rain on and off but nothing that required us to use our umbrella. 

There were several artists there with wooden bowls.  I have seen these before at festivals but what I hadn't seen are the ones with the bark still attached and maybe a crack or some other type of character.  There were even colored stains.  I really loved those that were more artistic and less functional.  They were so interesting.  I am sad that I didn't snap a pic.  This might be my next art attempt.  Although I don't think I will use a chain saw.  Maybe Hubby will take on that role.

I saw this flyer in the window of one shops on Jefferson Avenue.

Independence is in the Virginia mountains.  I think it would be worth the trip just to see what fibers are available...I just wish it wasn't on Fridays.  That might be hard to swing.

After we left West Jefferson, we visited historic Todd, NC.  We took a spin through the Todd Mercantile and the General Store.  Both were awesome and so worth the trip.  We also went into RiverGirl Fishing Company where we were surprised to see....

Petunia snoring away.  Her picture is on their website but I hadn't expected to see her in the store.  Nor did I expect to see a chicken...

...or a chicken standing on Petunia.  This had all of the tourists snapping pictures.  {laughing}

RiverGirl Fishing Co is located in the former Virginia-Carolina Depot (acquired by Norfolk & Western in 1916)...outside its door is this sign. I just loved the historical significance of this.

The Todd Railroad Grade Road (was the old railroad bed) runs along the South Fork of the New River.  I bet it is even more beautiful on a sunny day when the river is clear.  Snapped this pic from the car. You can see on the opposite bank that the river (while high yesterday) was even higher recently...

North Carolina has had quite of bit of rain lately.  And more predicted for the area.

We chatted briefly with a couple and their dog.  They were planning to relocate this baby snapping turtle who got stranded in a puddle in the parking lot at Todd Island.  The river would have been too dangerous for him because the water was high and moving swiftly. Hope he finds a safe home!

We had a wonderful day in the mountains despite the rain and cloudy skies.  We will visit again soon.  Hubby is wanting to fish...assuming that the fish aren't all washed away! :)

Sorry there aren't any quilt pics.  I am saving them for the Christmas in July Blog Hop.  I have been working on my projects for a week or so now and things are coming along.  Hopefully I will have them complete with plenty of time to spare!  Whoohoo!

Be on the look out for details about the Hop.  They should be coming soon!

Until then...

~~Quilt Much!

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  1. What a cool weekend!! Seriously! The Fiber day sounds neat. I would go with you if it weren't on a Friday :( A pig and chicken!!!!! Neat!! I'm jealous of your very cool weekend.