Sunday, July 14, 2013

Epic Fail!

Do you know the phrase...epic failure?  Perhaps an example will be useful.

Well....I am working on the second block of the Grandmother's Choice BOW...and it didn't turn out so great.  

When the Grandmother's Choice BOW first began...on Saturday morning, I would get up...head to the computer...copy and reformat Grandmother's Choice BOW into Word to save paper and arrange the post so that I could read it without my glasses...then print it...punch it and then file it in my notebook so that at any moment in the Quilt Room, I could work on a block.

I failed to print the template when I printed the instructions.  So, I had to go back to the computer...the one with the printer...and print the template this afternoon...which didn't print so well because we need to get some toner for it.  

I tried to fill in the lines that were very light on the printout but some were missing altogether.  Ugh!  Still I plunged ahead. I didn't print two copies of the template despite the fact that they overlapped because there was no toner. I cut the block...recut the center because it didn't look like it would work out.   

Stitched the blocks together as instructed. And when all was said and done...epic failure. isn't isn't the correct size...the seams don't line up.  Yep!  Epic Failure!

Isn't that pitiful?  :(

I will, however, try again.  I am going to print the template again (twice) and I will measure the line on the template to be sure that it is in fact 3 and 3/8 inches...the standard provided in the instructions.  I will cut the pieces again and I will stitch them together again.  

The weekend wasn't a total bust.  I did have some successes in the Quilt Room but I can't show you because they are part of the Christmas in July Blog Hop coming up at the end of the month.  You will have to wait.  I am hopeful to have several things complete but we shall see how they go.  

So this week...I am hopeful to get those items for the Blog Hop finished and maybe a couple more.  There is Thursday night...Hubby is out with the buds...and Saturday...Hubby is fishing with fly fishing lots of time. Hopefully my next run at this block will be much more successful.

Until then...

~~ Quilt Much!

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  1. Hi!
    I had the,same problem with the Just Takes 2 block. I recut the fabrics, made the pieces,,except for the centre square bigger, sewed it together, then cut it to size. Another tip, try sewing opposite sides together, rather than going around the circle. You could also try sewing each side together, ie white, red,white. Then sew as one pice to the red square, in a gentle arc.
    Hope all this helps!
    Take care, Leslie