Sunday, April 28, 2013

Shout Out!

Here, in North Carolina, we are having a rainy day.  It is cool but we have the windows open and are welcoming in the day.  I can hear the birds singing and the roosters crowing.  Our neighbors up the street have three chickens that roam the neighborhood.  Love it when they come to visit!    

Things are gradually slowing down.  Work kept me very busy the first part of this year and things piled up.  I am just starting to get things checked off the list.  We spent a couple Saturdays in the yard trying to reclaim it from the weeds.  We had some great help from a wonderful young man.  Thank you, Adam!  The yard is looking great!

Housekeeping and laundry took some time to get back to normal...or close enough to normal for now.  Whew! 

Google is taking down Reader and I need to find a new one so that I can keep up with all my favorite blogs.  I would love to hear what you are using.  Feedly seems to be the most popular one but I am not sold.  I really liked Reader and I am going to miss it.

And just today, I had a chance to get back in the Quilt Room.  I have missed it dearly.  I am close to having the blocks for the Studio Stitch BOM complete.  Here are my latest two!  

Only one more month of blocks and those two quilts will be ready to piece the quilt tops.  For the batiks, I think I will put that one on point and the other I will just do strips.  

I did sketch out my idea yesterday for the upcoming Blog Hop..."It's for the Birds"... I hope I can pull off.  Next step is to pull together the fabrics.  Wish me luck.  My day is currently scheduled for May 15th.

Our sweet nephew stopped by this afternoon on his way back to college.  I had the camera out taking pictures of my blocks.  He asked the sweetest questions about my blog so I told him I would give him a shout Joey! Thank you for being a fab nephew!

Next weekend, I am hoping...crossing my fingers...that the Hubby and I can make a trip to the mountains.  We haven't been able to go since we closed on our land and I am anxious to see it again...I think he is too!  It would also be nice to get away for even just a bit from all the stresses of the last several months!

Hopefully, this week I can find more time for the Quilt Room.  I would like to get a good start on my Bird piece before the weekend...because I hopefully won't be at home then....

Until then...

~~Quilt Much!!!  


  1. Sounds like you've had a busy couple of weeks! Your quilt blocks are coming along nicely. I started using Bloglovin but not sure if I like it...I guess I just have to get use to it. I receive a daily email in the afternoon that lists the posts of the blogs I follow. Google bloglovin and it should pop up or go to my blog. I have the button on my side menu. Have a great week getting back into things.

  2. I never used Google reader so I didn't know how a reader worked. I started using bloglovin and I get 1 email a day with updates. I really like it. I looked up feedly and found it too complicated because it is a multi function type of thing. Bloglovin is straight forward for me. I love your latest blocks.
    You can contact me through my google plus profile.