Thursday, March 28, 2013

Something to look forward to...

You may have noticed (how could you not) that I haven't blogged much lately. Things are crazy busy at work which doesn't leave too much time for fun.  (It isn't all bad, really) In fact...don't tell my boss...but I am writing this post from the office.  :-)

When things are this busy, I try to focus on the end point and find something to look forward to.  This year my plan may backfire because I am so excited about what comes next that I am having trouble concentrating.  :(

What things you ask...Well!

Hubby and I have discussed a trip to Florida to see someone very dear to us.  It is a window of opportunity that will close soon so we will likely make this happen.  We have had an offer to use a beach house which we used last year and really, really enjoyed ourselves.  We are hopeful that we can start work on our mountain cabin this spring and hopefully start spending more time in the mountains.  I will have three BOM blocks completed near the end of April and ready to set in quilt tops which is very exciting....

AND the cherry on top...I am participating in another blog hop!!

It's for the Birds Blog Hop courtesy of Madame Samm with Mary, from I Piece 2-Mary, as our cheerleader.  The details are here.  

So only about another two and a half weeks TILL work slows down and THEN I hope I can...

Quilt Much! 

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