Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Is that you, Santa Claus?

Happy New Year!!!  I can hardly believe that it is 2013!  It is hard to believe that Christmas is a whole year away again.  No, we haven't taken down our tree.  There is an old wives' tale about bringing bad luck if the tree comes down before New Years and another that says that whatever you do on New Years do for the year.  So taking down the tree can never happen until January I guess technically,it is still here a little.  

I already miss having a house full of family and friends!  And all the cooking and baking...all the yummy food that you only make at Christmas!   And when my Hubby finally says "No More Christmas Music"...I will be devastated!  (He truly tolerates my love of Christmas but he has his limits and I do understand.)

My Hubby...he is a wonderful guy.  He tolerates a lot; there is no doubt.  I try to remember that and tell him often.  He does encourage me.  I am not quite sure how he feels about the whole blogging quilty thing but he helps with most anything I ask of him.  He helps with the pictures...he proof reads my blog (thankfully because there are times when my fingers and my brain are not in sync)...he offers suggestions and lovingly admires my quilty projects.  

AND he has to be in cahoots with Santa!!!

If you have read any part of my blog, you may have noticed that I love the mountains.  I have blogged about some of our trips to visit.  We have been looking to purchase our own little piece of them over the last several months with ideas on how to (shall we call it) homestead there.  Everything from camping to camper to a mini house to a self sufficient cabin.  

And what do I want most from this adventure...the ability to sew there.  I imagine sewing for hours and glancing up at a beautiful scene or more likely glancing at my sewing as I soak in a beautiful scene.  

And what does Hubby imagine...skiing, canoeing, fishing, hiking etc.  

So as we are pondering the different abode options...I am asking...will we have electricity and a shower and he is asking are we close to the river, etc.  We have spent hours discussing (dreaming about) the possibilities. We have even discussed growing Christmas trees! :) 

So besides electricity...what would I need to have in order to sew in our small abode...why a featherweight, of course!  

Several months ago, I found one on Craig's List and emailed the link to Hubby.  The price was awesome and it was perfect.  But it really didn't make sense at the time to buy the machine now...after all we didn't have land purchased for our small abode...and then there is this long range plan for building the abode (years in the making) so it could be a long time before we had the view to match the machine.

I mentioned owning a featherweight occasionally but only in passing really.  I did, however, notice when the featherweight was no longer on Craig's List and was sad thinking about the wait till the next one appeared.

So while the idea of a featherweight was on my wish list (truly only shared with Santa)...I expected that I would receive a tablet from Hubby.  You see, I am always using his to read blogs etc. and he has 'threatened' me often with the idea of getting my own.  I really believed a tablet was going to be my gift this year.

Only Santa could have known how much I wanted a featherweight so that I could feel something tangible of the dream of having a sweet abode in the mountains that I love...AND obviously...Santa told Hubby!!!  Cause here she is...

Isn't she awesome!  Thank you, Hubby (and Santa)!

So tomorrow...I will start putting away Christmas until next Thanksgiving (that's when it's open season for Christmas music again) except that I won't put it away completely.  Oh, no! I am going to hold on to as much as I can.  You will see what I mean!

Till then...

~~Quilt Much!

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  1. Nice Santa! You'll love your little work horse featherweight. Now about that abode in the mountains......