Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Mug Rug and Other Finishes

Christmas is only 23 days away!  I love, love this time of the year.  Everything seems so full of color, music, hope, joy....  

I love Christmas music and spent a good portion of the weekend listening.  I also love Christmas movies...all varieties.  My favorite...White Christmas!  I used to watch it when I was little with my Dad.  He loved all the dancing.  

Yesterday, I wanted to complete something.  I also wanted to do something for Christmas so I decided to make a mug rug.  Here is how it went....

I started with cotton batting, two pieces of red fabric roughly the same size and some hexagons from Christmas fabric scraps.  I folded the top fabric in half and then in half again...a little hot iron in the corner of the folds creates a cross pattern.  This helps determine the center.  Then a little spray adhesive to "baste" the sandwich together.


Applied some glue using a glue stick to the back of the first hexagon.  Then, centered it over the cross created from the lightly pressed folds on the top of the sandwich.

Stitched a quarter inch from the edge all around the hexagon.

Added the second hexagon.

Continued until all of the hexagons were stitched onto the sandwich.

Stitched around the outside edge of each hexagon.  Then echoed the hexagons with the remaining quilting.

Then finished it off by adding a festive binding.  It is ready to enjoy!

Another finish...Esmeralda (the dress form has a name) loves her scarf.  Sashay yarn knitted.  It was pretty easy once I got the hang of it. 

I also completed two blocks...part of my Studio Stitch $5 BOM.

I truly enjoyed my time in the quilt room this weekend...especially listening and singing to Christmas music.  I also finished up an additional two blocks for the Studio Stitch BOM.   My apologies for not having pictures this week.  I didn't finish my pieces until after dark.  I will share some next week.  

Our daughter is coming home Tuesday to help decorate the tree.  She is squeezing in a quick trip before exams.  I am so excited!!!  "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..."

Next weekend I am planning to work on some pillows for a friend...more BOM blocks...and start on my project for the In Your Words Blog Hop coming in January.  

Till then...

~~Quilt Much!

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