Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wicked Wrap Up, Craftsy and Do Overs

Last week, I mentioned that I had some problems with a water erasable pen and had to wash and re-wash the mini-quilt to remove the lines from the quilting which prevented me from posting any pics of this Wicked Halloween project. Add that to a busy week and...

Well, here it is (finally)...a mini-Halloween-quilt for my daughter. She is going to love it!!! {snicker, snicker}

Some wicked quilting too!  Can you see it?

Friday, Hubby and I went to the mountains.  I was so excited to see the snow on the mountain tops.  There was a bit still hanging around in shady areas too but you could really see it on the distant mountains.  I apologize for the cell phone pics but we can never seem to remember the camera when we head out.


While Sandy helped deliver snow to the North Carolina mountains, she delivered much worse North.  We have family in Northern Virginia and Pennsylvania and we are very thankful that they are safe.  Our hearts and prayers go out to those who weren't so fortunate.

Yesterday, I went about the business of gathering for my next blog hop...fabric, pillow, ideas, etc.  I have some fabrics that I think are pretty fabulous and some ideas that I hope I can execute.  Isn't that always the case?  I will provide more info as it is available. 

 Sew we quilt

Today...Finally...Quilt Room! It seemed every time I had a notion of getting in there and working...something would happen that prevented me from doing so...but today was the day!  Whooohooo!

Still working on getting caught up with the Craftsy BOM.  I made some progress on August.  

The first block for August is the Ohio Star...

I think it turned out pretty well.  It went together pretty quickly too.

The second block is the Double Star block.

If you are unfamiliar with Craftsy, then you may not know that this is a BOM series taught by Amy Gibson...where you create two blocks per month...January to October and then in November you finish your quilt.  There is a video of each lesson for each month where Amy walks you through the blocks with pointers about selecting fabric, tools, etc.  

For this block, she repeated how important it was to have contrast between the fabrics.  When I picked out my fabrics for this block, I thought I had followed her instructions well.  I chose a fabric with mainly blue for the center star and one with mainly purple for the outer star.  The fabric in between is a mostly white fabric with green rectangles on it.  

After I finished it, I saw that there wasn't enough contrast.  I switched the photo to black and white using PicMonkey.  You can really see that the fabrics are very close in value and therefore don't provide much in the way of contrast.  

I think that I will take a "do over" for this block and see if I can get some contrast in between the stars!  Although I am not looking forward to making 12 flying geese again!  :(

Only two more months (after my "do over" is complete) to wrap up the blocks for Craftsy.  I placed an order for the Perfect Patchwork Drunkard's Path Template Set for the September blocks.  It should arrive in the next week or so and allow me to get moving on my blocks again. 

Hopefully, this week will allow me a bit more time in the Quilt Room.  I need to remake the Double Star, work on the September blocks, complete my Studio Stitch BOMs for November and get a running start on the Holiday Lane Pillow Blog Hop (my day is November 23, I think).  I have a feeling that November is going to be a very "short" month with Thanksgiving arriving so early.  And with a list like this, I definitely need more time in the Quilt Room!

'Til then...

~~Quilt Much! 


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