Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pillows, Spas and Sacks

We are just a 10 days from the start of the Holiday Lane Pillow Blog Hop. I spent today listening to Christmas music on Pandora and working on my pillow.  "It's starting to look a lot like Christmas...."  

I hope you will hop with us starting Wednesday, November 21.  

Sew we quilt

Several years ago, I made this Holiday pillow.  I love snow and get so excited about the mere possibility for it seems appropriate to have it sitting on our bed pretty much all winter.  "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...."  Basically, it is several ribbons weaved and stitched over a solid fabric.

I know that some people don't enjoy snow and I imagine that I wouldn't if I had to deal with it from Halloween to May...but that isn't the case here in North Carolina.  It is actually a pretty rare occurrence so when it does...Whooohooo!  Let is Snow!!!

Yesterday, Hubby and I went to see our Daughter and to take our pooches to the "spa".  Our Daughter is in college at a school here in North Carolina and she works part time in a grooming salon.  It is really awesome that she can take care of them.  I am sure they appreciate it as much as we do. It is little over an hour drive to get there, so Hubby and I spent the day shopping while we waited for them.  We were all exhausted when we arrived home.  Daisie and Jackson crashed as soon as we got home and slept all night.  Poor babies!

You may remember from last week that I didn't love my Craftsy Double Star because I didn't have enough contrast.  I wanted a "do-over".  This is my block from last week. 

Thursday night while Hubby was out with the guys...I re-created my Double Star block with what I think is a much better contrast.  Tell me what you think...


Friday, TB brought by some Feed Sacks that belonged to his Grandmother.  He wants me to help make a pillow for his Mom for Christmas.  I feel very privileged to be a part of this.  This is my first experience with Feed Sacks so I spent Friday night scouring the internet for everything I could find on them.  I can hardly believe my good fortune.  Thanks, TB! 

Look...this one still has the string still attached. :)

Hopefully, this week, I can give them a good soak.  I need to decide on a block that would use them to their greatest potential.  Have to finish my pillow for the Holiday Lane Pillow blog hop.  I also need to complete my blocks for the Studio Stitch BOM which is next week.  Then there is that other little thing (hehehe) Thanksgiving!!! ...that will require some (tons) planning as well.

'Til then...

~~Quilt Much!

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