Sunday, October 28, 2012

Still Wicked!!!

It is still Wicked!!  A couple more days left of the Wicked Blog Hop.  Hope you are enjoying all of the awesome wicked blocks and projects.  Go here for the full schedule and visit the wicked blogs through Halloween.  

Halloween is going to be eventful this year!  Call in Frankenstorm!  Wind, rain,  cooler temperatures and in the North Carolina (this bears repeating - North Carolina) mountains the chance of SNOW!  Now that is Wicked. 

Saturday evening, Hubby and I went to our friends J & A's home for their annual Halloween party.  They go all out with great food, decorations and even a haunted trail.  I can't imagine the amount of time and effort that goes into putting together their party.  

I always offer to bring something and J will often suggest something pretty veggies and dip or chips and dip.  This year she asked me to bring brownies! some brownies!!!  So I made two batches...nothing with caramel and nuts AND another with cayenne pepper...WICKED right?!  It was just a teaspoon of the cayenne pepper so there wasn't a pepper taste but a slow warming sensation in your mouth while you were eating them.  They were a hit and a topic of many conversations.  LOL

And because I appreciate J & A always inviting us to their fabulous party...I took a little something else...

Last weekend while I had my machine set up for embroidery, I stitched out a couple other for J and one for my sweet daughter.  I finished J's in time to take it with us to the Halloween Party.   Happy Halloween!

I finished the other one for my sweet daughter but the water erasable pen didn't "erase" when I added it is going through the wash for the second time!  Hopefully it will come out.  If I am lucky and it does, I will share some pics.

Next up, still trying to catch up on the Craftsy BOM and working on my project for the Holiday Lane Pillow Blog Hop which begins on November 21.  I also would like to get started on Grandmother's Choice BOW.

'Til then...

~~Quilt Much! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wicked Blog Hop Today

WELCOME Wicked Blog Hoppers!!!

A big Thank You! shout out to Wendy and Madame Samm for organizing the most Wicked Blog Hop of the year!  And be sure to visit the other fabulously wicked blogs...

Terrifying Tuesday, 23rd of October

I am a new blogger and this is my first blog hop...I am so excited that you stopped by. 

Well...let's get started.  I used a layer cake from Moda's Happy H"owl"o-ween for my blocks.

For the first one, I machine embroidered a wickedly fabulous witch's dress form complete with a purple spider that is the focus of this adorable green eyed cat.

I used the backs from two of the fabrics as the background for the dress form. The back of the fabric is as wicked as the front.  Don't you agree?

My second block...satisfy your wicked sweet tooth with some candy corn.  Unfortunately, it is surrounded by scary spiders and owls.

Take a closer look at the candy corn. Wickedly little blocks....

Start with a 10" cut of the candy corn fabric from the layer cake. Fold up 1" inch of one side and press.

Stitch a quarter inch from the folded edge.

Trim off a small amount....basically the folded part of the fabric.

Press the seam open and then fold up another inch, stitch, trim and press...until

the entire 10" piece has been stitched, trimmed and pressed into strips.

Turn the block 90 degrees and repeat the process to create those wickedly awesome tiny blocks.  Trim as need to square up the block and then surround it with some wicked spiders and owls.

Thank you, Hoppers, for stopping by.  Please leave a comment.  I would love to hear what you have to say.

Hope to see you again soon for the Holiday Lane Pillow Blog Hop.

'Til then...

~~Quilt Much!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wicked Blog Hop Begins

The Wicked Blog Hop begins tomorrow...Are you as excited as I am?  

A big THANK YOU!!! goes out to Wendy at Why Knot? and Madame Sam at !Sew WE Quilt! for organizing this very Wicked Blog Hop.  Be sure to visit with them for more details and the full schedule.

My day is Tuesday along with these other Wickedly Wonderful blogs...

 Terrifying Tuesday,
23rd of October

Oh! What a Wickedly Wonderful time we will have!  

As a little peak, I will share with you my Wicked fabric choice for this blog hop.  I ordered the Moda Happy H"owl"o-ween layer cake from the ever so Wicked Burgundy Buttons

I love purple and orange.  Wicked!  I have two blocks ready to show and some others that I hope to finish over the course of the time for H"owl'o-ween!  

Hope to see you back here on Tuesday!

'Til then...

~~Quilt Much!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pumpkins, Candy Corn and Wicked

Have you ever seen anything quite so beautiful?

Dearest Hubby and I made another trip to the mountains this weekend.  Not a cloud in the sky, a crispness in the air and beautiful sites everywhere we looked.  We drove around some of the less traveled roads and took a short hike into the woods.  We also purchased a couple small pumpkins from one of the road side stands.  It was a perfect day.

Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of time spent in the quilt room this week.  So all of those big plans I had last week...well, they didn't happen.  Oh well.  I do have one block to show from my Studio Stitch BOM.  

Here it is along with my pumpkins and Hubby's candy corn...

I need to complete another block like this for our meeting on Tuesday evening.  I have everything cut out and a good bit of the piecing complete.  I need to complete the piecing and then put it all together.  I told you all about the Studio Stitch BOM in this post.

I can hardly believe that the Wicked Blog Hop is just over a week away. It all begins on Monday, October 22. Thank you to Wendy of Why Not? and Madame Samm of Sew We Quilt! for hosting and cheering us on.  Below is the schedule.  My day is Tuesday, October 23.  I hope you will hop along with us.  

Wicked Schedule: 
Monday, October 22nd

Tuesday, October 23rd

Wednesday, October 24th

Thursday, October 25th

 Friday, October 26th

 Monday, October 29th

Tuesday, October 30th

Wednesday, October 31st

I still have quite a bit to do on my block but hopefully (don't laugh) things will go smoothly and I can have it done ahead of schedule.  And hopefully, a few more quilt blocks as well.  

'Til then...

~~Quilt Much!