Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sewing Weather

Rainy day today.  Cool and rainy.  Perfect for staying inside and sewing.  Jackson joined me in the quilting room.  He loves to quilt!! he really likes to sleep at our feet but I believe it is because he prefers quilting to football.  Daisie and Hubby came to check on him.  Guess they were hoping he would come and watch football but I don't think he is all.  :)

Back in April, I signed up for a BOM at Studio Stitch.  It was such a fabulous deal...I decided to do it twice.  

Here is how it works.  Pay $5 at the beginning along with a $2.50 pattern fee.  The $5 covers the fabric needed for the first block.  Bring back the finished block the following month and that month is cost for the fabric for that month's block.  So basically, at the end, a quilt top for $5 (assuming 100% attendance).  What a deal!  

The bonus...some of my quilty friends signed up too and I didn't know until the first meeting.  So in addition to learning a new block at an incredible price...I get to catch up with some very wonderful ladies.  

The next meeting is on Tuesday so I had to complete the block for this month today.  Before I share September's block, let me show you the first four months.

Here is one of the fabric options...

And here is the other one...

This month the block was Card Trick.  Did you see Amy Gibson's post at  She selected the Card Trick block for her nursery.  Her blocks are how she quilted them too.  

Inspired...I thought...this can't be as hard as it looks.  Boy I was wrong.  The  first one provided a good opportunity to spend some quality time with my seam ripper...or the unstitcher as it is affectionately called.  I kept working and finally finished...THE FIRST ONE...

I say this with a bit of disbelief...the second one wasn't nearly as difficult and my seam ripper was really lonely...Thank Goodness!

Here is number two....

Thankfully, today was quiet and cool...enjoyed sewing with the window open and Jackson at my feet.  Looking forward to more of the same....

Till then...

~~Quilt Much!


  1. I like your card trick blocks. I remember my first one. It was not pretty. Also, thanks for commenting on my wonky log cabin blocks.

  2. I did that once in Hancock in Missouri, it was long as I came back and showed the finished block, I got the next one free...was great.