Sunday, September 9, 2012

Power Out!

I hardly know where to begin.  On Thursday, the mail man was extra kind to me and delivered some fabric.  I was beside myself with excitement but I didn't have time to take a pic to share.  Life is so busy these days.  So Saturday, I could hardly wait to get back home so that I could take a photo...but that was not to be.  And as it turned out...that was OK!

As I was coming home from work on Saturday, there was a nasty string of storms that blasted through our area...and took our power.  Oh now...don't turned out to be a good thing.  

Since we didn't have power and didn't have the fabulous things that power gives us...we decided on an early dinner out.  Yum.  Mexican with a margarita.    Fabulous Hubby was a charming dinner companion along with our lovely niece who spent the weekend with us.  The restaurant wasn't crowded either because it was early or because they had just regained their power a bit before we arrived.  

When we arrived back home, still no power.  So, Fabulous Hubby suggested a game of Rummy by candle light while we enjoyed ice cream...what else are you going to do, right?

The best part...the TV wasn't on.  The windows were open.  The trusty pooches were outside and willing to stay since the temperature and humidity took a dive.  We could hear the neighborhood kids playing basketball but still there was a quiet that we don't often get during our hectic lives filled with electricty.  

Power on!  Whoohoo!  Blow out the candles and get busy.  We did but not in the usual way for Saturday evening.  

I finally took pictures of my new fabric.  Check it out!  Happy H"owl"o-ween for the Wicked blog hop...

 ...and some holiday fabric for a quilt that I have rolling around in my head.

 (I could hardly sleep on Thursday and Friday night planning out these two projects.  Can't wait to get started.)

After I took the photos, I hit the quilt room to work on my Craftsy BOM.  The windows were open and there was a faint breeze.  In the distance, I could hear a band playing at one of the parks.  I felt energized and was able to get one of the blocks for March (I know...only 6 months behind) complete.  My niece came into the quilt room to draw and listen to music...and sing (with the windows

Today, I finished the second March block...take a look...

First, the String Block...

...and then the Broken Spider Block.

I am on a roll!!!  So as the weekend is coming to a close, I am sad to lose that "out of power" energy.  

Tomorrow, it is back to the grind, but I am looking forward to next weekend.  Quilt show in West Jefferson and more complete BOMs and here's to hoping for a little power outage!

Till then...

~~Quilt Much!

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