Sunday, September 30, 2012

Four Block Success!

What a fabulous weekend!  Friday, Hubby went to a football game with his sister and niece after a quick family dinner.  Football...not really my I stayed in the quilt room and worked. 

Saturday was WET.  It rained pretty much all I spent the afternoon in the quilt room while Hubby napped.  Then off to a going away cookout for a dear, dear friend of our family.  

Today, glorious weather.  Started with a heavy fog...just what you would expect after days of rain...but wrapped up beautifully.  Hubby and I made a quick trip to the mountains.  I was desperately afraid that we were going to miss the peek of color as we did last year.  Since next weekend we are planning to go to the fair with friends...this would be our last chance for a couple weeks.  So, off we went....

I think we were a bit early this year.  The color wasn't quite underway.  Here is a peek through the woods at the South Fork of the New River.  Not much fall color...

With all of the rain the last couple days, the river wasn't as clear as it usually is and was a little brisk in its pace.

We did manage to find some fall color.  The picture doesn't do it justice....much more colorful in person.

Back at home this afternoon...more time in the quilt room.  I am definitely loving this extra time sewing.  The best part...I finished four of the Craftsy BOMs..two months worth.  Can I get a "WhooHooo!"?  

The paper piecing templates for the April blocks came on Tuesday which allowed me to wrap up the second of the April blocks.

Here are the April blocks.  It has started to cloud up outside again so the colors aren't showing up as well as I had hoped. 

Hexi Stripe Block... 

And here is Sunny With a Chance of Hex...

I also finished the June blocks.  Here is the Greek Cross Block...

I chose the blue stripe for the corners but in hind sight, I wish I hadn't.  They turned out great but not without struggles.  I thought if the blocks were constructed the same the stripes would run the same but something went wrong. I didn't discover it until I started laying out the block.  Did another set of HSTs to get it the way I wanted.  

And favorite of the four...the Octagon Block.

This fabric was not a favorite on the bolt.  It wasn't until I used it for the Sunny With a Chance of Hex that I started to see its potential.  And in this shines.  I love, love how it turned out.  

Four blocks marked off the list.  Slowly but surely catching up.  The August blocks are Dresden Plate blocks.  I love those blocks but they are a lot of worth it though.  Hopefully I can have them finished by next weekend.  Maybe I can get a good start on the September ones as well.  October is the last month with blocks.  November and December are borders, quilting and binding.  Finished quilt by the end of the year.  Awesome.

Hoping for some time in the quilt room this at the fair on Saturday...and blocks to show on Sunday.

Till then...

~~Quilt Much!

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