Monday, September 3, 2012

Extra Day?

What could I accomplish quilt-wise with an extra day in the weekend.  Tackle the very long UFO list.  And what did I accomplish quilt-wise with my extra day....not as much as I had hoped. 

So what was on that list...finish a mug rug for Mollie.  Check.  Mollie drove up for a cook out to celebrate Labor Day and family.  We had a great time and Mollie loved her mug rug.  Failed to take a pic though.

Also on the list...catch up on the Craftsy BOM.  Well...a partial success.  Back in April, Mollie and I traveled to Raleigh, Cary and Chapel Hill in a mini shop hop.  Our purchase 20 fabrics...1/2 yard each...that we could split into fat quarters (saved a bit of money doing it that way) and start the Craftsy BOM.  We had a blast buying all the fabric. Although by the end...whew...I was exhausted.  

We got off to a pretty good start...each finishing three block in one day a couple weekends later.  Then Mollie started summer classes and then fall classes and then it was Labor Day.  Mollie has gracefully given me permission to move ahead without her.  I didn't want to but 20 beautiful fabrics calling out to be cut and sewn...well, I couldn't resist.     

Here are my January Slashed Blocks...the Asterisk Block and the Wonky Pound Sign Block...

And my February HST blocks....the Balkan Puzzle Block

And completed just today...whooohooo...Chunky Chevron Block.

So while I only checked a couple items off (counting the one block as an to celebrate the small victories when you can) my list this weekend, I did have a wonderful time with my family.


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  1. beautiful! Glad to see you :) Pamela, and will see you again soon on the Wicked Hop!!