Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sew Mollie Sue

So I am thinking the best place to start a blog is with its name.  Mine isn't Mollie but I do share Sue.  So who are Mollie and Sue.  

Well, they were my grandmothers...two different women...both awesome.  Let's start with my Grandma Mollie.  I don't really remember her...she died before I was even a year old...but I have heard stories. She had 12 children...worthy of admiration without a doubt...including my Dad.  He spoke so kindly of her without ever a harsh word.  He said that she was gentle and sweet.  I think all of her children felt that way about her.  When I named my beautiful daughter after her, I was hoping that some of that gentleness and sweetness might come to her...and indeed it has.  

We lost Grandma Sue over 13 years ago.  She was quite possibly the woman that I admire most.  She raised most of her siblings and four children.  Doesn't sound all that amazing except she did so after loosing the use of her left arm to a childhood disease. (I had trouble diapering a wiggly baby with two hands)  I was named after her and only hope that I can accomplish as much in the face of any adversity as she did.  She was pretty determined but also very generous and kind.  

So because I wanted to honor my Grandmas and because I hope that beautiful daughter will one day join me more in the sewing room...I decided to name my blog...Sew Mollie Sue.


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  1. You visited my blog the other day and left a comment so I've been reading yours. We must live near each other since you mentioned thunder snow from last week. Browsing I see your in NC like me!